Calampa Measuring Spoon

Perfect. Measure. Style.

Scoop your coffee grounds in style with these black walnut wooden spoons! The perfect utensil to keep in the bag, you’ll be brewing coffee like an artisan master in no time. Don’t like coffee? These scoops are perfect to store with any dried good like granola, flour, or sugar too!

  • Long Handle: Get down all the way to the bottom of the bag with the extra long wooden handle.
  • Rich Color: Enjoy the dark beautiful veins of the natural walnut wood used in these spoons.
  • Multiple Sizes: Get the right spoon to match your needs! Available in large and small sizes. 
Type Size Weight
Long Handle
16.8 x 5 x 2.5cm  /  6.6 x 2 x 1 inch 10 g
Short Handle 10 x 4.5 x 2cm  /  3.9 x 1.8 x 0.8 inch 8 g

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