Cuima Ceramic Pet Bowl

$49.95 $59.95
Geometric. Colorful. Pet Friendly.

Feed your pet in the cutest way possible with this gorgeous pet bowl! Wooden stand included, this ceramic bowl holds up to a liter of food or water. Keep your pet happy and healthy with good spine positioning while drinking or eating.

  • Stylish: Many pet bowls are an eyesore — not this! Add some flair to your kitchen floor.
  • Versatile: Use this bowl for cats or dogs, food or water. It will soon become your pet’s favorite.
  • Pet Friendly: Take the time to ensure proper spine positioning for your pet, giving her or him a healthier lifestyle.
Bowl Capacity
 250 ml  1000 ml
Bowl Diameter  15 cm  /  5.9"  19 cm  /  7.5"
Bowl Height  8.8 cm  /  3.5"  10 cm  /  4.0"
Stand Height  6.7 cm  /  2.6"  7.5 cm /  3.0"
Recommendation  Dogs / Cats  Dogs

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