Estatina Wooden Partition Plate

Simple. Snacks. Divided.

Create a stunning concentric display of hors d’oeuvres with this Wooden Double Bowl! Satisfy your snack lovers with a great combination of sweet and savory. Consider plating with your favorite dip in the middle and chips around the edges—this set up never fails to please!

  • Elegant Curves: The curved corners of this design make it easy to scoop up a handful.
  • Beautiful Wood: The staining of this natural Acacia wood makes a great décor piece.
  • Nut Friendly: Place whole nuts in the middle and have a place for your guests to leave the shells

    Small 25 cm  /  9.8 inch
    Medium 28 cm  /  11 inch
    Large 32 cm  /  12.6 inch

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