Atatya Double Serving Plate

$64.95 $74.95
Unique. Sophisticated. Practical.

If you are looking for something distinctive, stylish and useful, the Atatya Double-Serving Plate could be the perfect addition to your home. The design is not something you will often see elsewhere, and the ergonomic shape and luxury-standard design will have your guests oohing and ahhing with approval. 

  • Unique Appearance: For anyone who would love to tune up their interior decor, the Atatya Double-Serving Plate's unique appearance will help you achieve a classy atmosphere. 
  • Flexibility: It can be used to add a little creativity to your servings, and offer two desserts or snacks at once. The box features the small and exquisite design, which is thick and more versatile in the home offering good space of 2350ml (80 oz.) capacity.
  • Premium Material: made of high-quality lead-free glass and imported acacia wood. It is safe, environmentally friendly, and it is resistant to coldness and heat. It continues the atmosphere of wood and the smooth and polished surface.

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