Tuilë Ceramic Keg Set

$169.95 $189.95
Smooth. Modern. Unique.

Bring some pizzazz to the table with the exclusive Tuilë Ceramic Keg Set. With this 2.3L keg, you can make tea time or outdoor summer drink events into more visually appealing endeavors. It features a neutral-color palette that allows them to complement any other serveware, utensils and other such belongings you place on your table when serving guests.

  • All-inclusive: Complete with mugs, coasters, and a keg dispenser
  • Matches well: Neutral colors of the set work well with any décor in the area
  • Sturdy build: Ceramic material is strong and easy to clean

    Tree Style Set Includes : Keg Set, 4 Mugs and 4 Square Coasters
    Flat Style Set Includes : Keg Set, 6 Mugs and 6 Round Coasters

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